Barricade Tapes

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Presco Solids & Stripes Barricade Tape is a NON-ADHESIVE film tape used by professionals in law enforcement, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware, utilities, and many other industries. This non-adhesive tape can quickly and easily be placed to provide warning of physical hazards or dangerous situations such as construction sites; road repairs; buried pipes, wires, cables; police, fire and sheriff warnings, thus preventing costly injuries, damage, and downtime.

This barricade tape is available in 1000 foot lengths and will fit the needs of almost any job. Manufactured for durability and resistance to the elements, Presco’s Barricade Tape is recognized worldwide as the preferred co-extruded polyethylene tape for marking danger areas and special instructions. Highly visible, moisture and abrasion resistant, and reusable – just tie and untie.

Please note that Presco Barricade Tape can be shipped on a non-branded neutral core or a Presco branded core.

Solids and Stripe Barricade Tape :

  • Solid, plain yellow color with no legend printing – 2-mil thick
  • Solid, plain black color with no legend printing – 4-mil thick
  • Stripe red and white color with no legend printing – 2-mil thick
  • Stripe yellow and black color with no legend printing – 2-mil thick
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