Ear Plug Howard Leight X-Treme XTR-1 PU Foam

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Howard Leight X-Treme Earplugs:

  • Highly affordable hearing protection
  • Bright orange color helps with compliance
  • Simple tapered design is easy to use and comfortable
  • NRR 32

Howard Leight X-Treme Foam Ear Plugs are an economical, highly effective disposable hearing protector in a bright, bold color. The tapered design is comfortable and effective, making proper insertion easier. The surface of the ear plugs is smooth, so it won’t irritate the ears, and the soft polyurethane foam expands comfortably inside the ear canal. And the easy-to-see orange color improves compliance and wear time.

A very good noise reduction rating of 32 makes these ear plug suitable for any environment with noise levels at less than 110dB. An excellent choice for construction, manufacturing, and a huge variety of other industries and workplaces.

Box of 200 pairs.

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