Petzl Stop 2019

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SKU: D009AA00



Description :

• Descent control: – assisted braking improves control during the descent – rope maneuvers are facilitated when passing intermediate anchors – compatible with 8.5 to 11 mm diameter low stretch kernmantel ropes.

• Comfort: – the ergonomic handle allows you to easily unblock the rope and lower someone – handle faces user for better control of rope glide – design of the handled camming mechanism offers a comfortable descent – installation diagram engraved on the descender – safety gate on the openable side plate allows the rope to be installed easily while the device remains connected to the harness – elongated connection hole allows the FREINO Z carabiner to be rotated in order to make the descender loss-proof when transferred from gear loop to semi-circular carabiner.

• Great durability thanks to the stainless steel pulley and cam.

Product specifications :

Material(s): aluminum side plate, stainless steel pulley and cam • Weight: 350 g
Rope compatibility: 8.5 to 11 mm low stretch kernmantel rope
Certification(s): CE EN 15151-1

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