Road Stud – Pancar Selamat

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  • A/RS2/D/AMBER – Double Amber Colour
  • A/RS2/D/WW – Double White Colour
  • A/RS2/D/RR – Double Red Colour
  • A/RS2/D/R/AMBER – Double Red / Amber Colour
  • A/RS2/D/RW – Double Red / White Colour


K-LITE Aluminium Road Stud use high performance prismatic cube corner reflective lens (from the USA). The height allows them to stand on the road whilst their retro-reflective lenses efficiently reflect vehicle headlights even from acute angles and over long distances and will provide maximum day time and night time visibility as a durable aluminium road stud.


  • Model: KT-303
  • Size: 100 mm x 100 mm x 25 mm
  • Stem length: 50 mm
  • Body material: Aluminium shell
  • Base material: Epoxy glue and quarzt sand filling
  • Reflective panel: High performance prismatic cube corner (USA)
  • Colours: Amber/amber, red/white, amber/red, single amber, single red and single white
  • Durable: K-LITE aluminium road stud had been tested under SIRIM MS1719 : 2003-Specification for Raised Pavement Marker (RPM) Clause 5.5.5-Compressive strength.
  • Cost effective
  • Highly reflective: It is clearly visible 300 metres away.
  • USA PMMA made lens with highest reflectivity Highest reflectivity-fade resistance Special groove design to improve reflectivity and compression resistance Lowest cost, good adhesive ability, easy to install makes it popular on global market.
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