Shigematsu CA-705

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  • GM22, GM77 common use absorption can.
  • It is double cushion structure to prevent the invasion of the toxic substance by a design to Japanese face form.
  • It is the one-touch connection that can easily attach a mask.
  • Target gas: Halogen acidity gas
  • A national test of drugs pass number: TN321 JIS T8152
  • Examination gas: Halogen acidity gas
  • Examination density (%): 0.020.03
  • Best allowable transmission density (ppm): 15
  • Value of standard (more than a share): 4080
  • The acid business is a JIS T 8152 conformity product:
  • The environmental density of toxic substance is less than 0.1% (1,000 ppm). But it is less than 10 times of the dew limit
  • National test of drugs pass product (TN5)
  • Canned absorption for the exchange: CA-700 type (separate sale)
  • A conformity mask: GM-77, GM-22
  • Weight: 56 g
  • Materials : Plastic can
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