Vertex Vent Helmet Red

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SKU: A010CA04 / A10VRA



Description :
Excellent protection for work at height:
– shock absorption achieved through deformation of the outer shell
– strong chinstrap (more than 50 daN) limits the risk of losing the helmet during a fall
Very comfortable to wear:
– six-point textile suspension conforms perfectly to the shape of the head
– CenterFit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps the helmet centered on the head
– Vent holes with sliding shutters allow the ventilation to be adjusted as needed, while wearing the helmet.
– comes with two sizes of headband foam
Many accessories are available in order to adapt the helmet to its use:
– PIXA or ULTRA VARIO headlamp (front and back slots)
– headlamp with elastic headband (headlamp clips)
– VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW or VIZEN protective shield (side inserts)
– hearing protection (side slots)

Specifications :
Head circumference: 53-63 cm
Weight: 455 g
Material(s): ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, high-strength polyester, polyethylene

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