William Triact-Lock Carabiner

Price: $ CALL




Description :
Pear shape offers a large capacity and wide opening:
– facilitates connection of multiple items
– allows Munter hitch use for escape
Aluminum carabiner whose light weight reduces the weight of equipment the worker at height needs to carry
Easier handling:
– fluid interior design limits the risk of having a catch point and facilitates rotation of the carabiner
– Keylock system to avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner
H cross-section:
– ensures an improved strength-to-weight ratio
– protects markings from abrasion
Available in three different locking systems:
– TRIACT-LOCK: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening
– BALL-LOCK: automatic locking with triple-action gate opening, with lock indicator
– SCREW-LOCK: the manual screw-lock with red band provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked
Also available in black (TRIACT-LOCK and SCREW-LOCK)

Specifications :
Material(s): aluminum
Certification(s): CE EN 362, EAC, NFPA 1983 Technical Use

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